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My Comments

 Last Updated - 08/21/13

Whether the website grows really depends on y'all.

It does take some time to do this website so I could use your help and support.

If you have an interest in helping with this please let me know, either after our meetings or a phone call.  I've tried to list my help categories below that might be added to the website.  Please tell me if there are other things you would really like to see here.  Also please let me know of any data errors, spelling mistakes, broken links, etc.         

This is your site.  I hope you have an interest in making it a success.

Would You Like To Help ?

I Could Use Help With The Following:

    -  Spreading the word of our website and encouraging registration (members page).

    -  Information about our organization that we may want to share with other members.  

Web Info


The website was tested using Internet Explorer 9.0 (Microsoft) and it also contains Java script.  If you use another browser it is possible that things may not display correctly.  Personally, I have not tested this site with other browsers.  I'm sorry that I can not help you out with other browsers.  But if you experience problems let me know and perhaps I can research it.  There may be a simple fix that I can do on my end.  This site does use what is known as 'popups'.  If your browser is set to block popups you will not see the items on the page that would show unless you take the blocker off when viewing this website.   Note:  None of the vital information will be lost if you choose not to turn your blocker off.

Latest Update?

The date at the bottom of the page will be the date of the last change.

Is it new since you last visited?

Email Address

Let me know if you want them added on this website. We will have an email address for use among ourselves.  For now it will be used by members to communicate with me.


Links On Site

Links On Site

Some of the Navigation Links Seen At The Top Of The Page


1st page of the Chapter FL2-B2 riders website. - Contains other links of interest also.

 Team  Self-explanatory.

A detailed calendar of our events, plus holidays, weather, etc.

One click on the event will show the details of that event.

('X' out to get back to the site if you use the 'map' feature after your done with the map).


List of Chapter FL2-B2 riders along with some basic info (with member approval).

 Location  Address & Map of Monthly Meetings
 Rider Ed  To Be Defined.
 About Us  What EWMA is


 Patches  Patches used by the ERMA.  Additional patches could be added if the members wish.

Reserved for future expansion.

 Notices  History of website changes.
 By-Laws  To Be Defined.
 Tell Me More  This page.

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