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 Posted 09-28-17



ATTN: Rider Education.  This page needs updated.

Please provide the webmaster with the most current information.


 Ride Safe, Ride Aware,

 Rick & Pam Northrop

 GWRRA Florida District Educator

 331 S Thompson Ave Lecanto, FL 34461

 352-249-7561 Home

  813-714-1669 Rick's Cell

  813-714-2468 Pam's Cell

 Master 8042

 Notary Public

 GWRRA Seminar Presenter

 PLP Facilitator

 MFA Instructor

 UTLTP Instructor 


       Posted 06-22-14. (click to make photo larger)


 Certificate Of Appointment for Bo Nepip becoming our new Chapter Educator.

 It was presented to him by our FL District Educator, Rick Northrop.



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