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                                                       Chapter F2-B2 Officers

 Chapter Director - Bill & Barb Baner

  •  Serves as Staff Member to the District Director.

    Is a signatory on the Chapter checking account.

    Assumes organizational and advisory capacity of the Chapter.

    Arranges for a place to hold Chapter gatherings and staff meetings.

    Appoints Members to serve as Staff.

    Correlates activities and programs through the Staff.

    Acts as an information link between Members and the District.

    Sees that a newsletter is sent to all interested participants, other Chapter Directors in the District, the District Director, Region Director and the GWRRA Home Office in Phoenix at least every 30 days.

    Makes an annual report to the District Director on activities and an annual report on finances

 Contact Phone: 920.264.6086 - Contact Email: bbaner@aol.com

Asst. Chapter Director - Barry Keeler


Position description should be here.


 Treasurer - Mereta Drakey

  •  TREASURER (Cannot be related to Chapter Director or Assistant Chapter Director and shall not live in the same household.)

    Keeps a record of finances and makes available to all interested parties after any Chapter gatherings or other times  when requested by any Chapter Participant.

    Is a signatory on the Chapter checking account.

    Participates in expenditure decisions.

    Writes checks and manages Chapter funds for expenses.

    Maintains receipts for all expenditures.

    Assists the Chapter Director in establishing prudent, reasonable and fair fiscal policies.

    Submits Annual Financial Report to District Director by December 31st, reviewed and signed by Chapter Director and Treasurer.

 Contact Phone: 941.320.7820 - Contact Email: pelican55@comcast.net


  Asst. Safety / Rider Coordinator - Barry Keeler

  •  Instructs, informs and assists Road Captains, Group Leaders and other participants in group riding.

    Plans and directs group rides to (and sometimes from) the destination point..

    Selects Road Captains, Group Leaders, etc., for a given ride. Finalizes the route to be taken, the rest stops and other things for a safe and enjoyable ride.

    Submits an article to the Newsletter Editor to keep everyone current on group riding activities.

 Contact Phone: 941.962.8199 - Contact Email: bonepip@comcast.net


 Membership Enhancement Coordinator - Barb Baner

  •   Develop and maintain a Membership listing for the Chapter from the Gathering sign-in sheet and provide support for the Chapter Director.

      Be responsible for the sign-in sheet at Chapter Gatherings making sure everyone signs in and checking Membership expiration dates.

      Work with the Chapter Director and Team to promote Chapter activities and FUN events for the Members.

      Work with Membership data from Area Report (New Members, Prospective Members, Expiring and Expired Memberships, and Unassigned Zip Codes).

      Contact New and Prospective Members via telephone, email, mail or in person.

      Complete the Contact Data columns for contacts made with New and Prospective Members.

     o Complete and return the list by email to District Membership Enhancement Coordinator.

     o Send a copy to the Chapter Director, District Director, Region Director, and the Region Membership Enhancement Coordinator.

    More duties can be seen on the MEC Description on GWRRA website.h

 Contact Phone: 920.265.8261 - Contact Email: bgbaner@aol.com


Chapter Safety /  Ride Coordinator - Don Bush
  • Goal: To provide Members at the Chapter, level-with basic support needed to successfully participate in the GWRRA Rider Education Program via arranged Rider Courses, Medic First Aid classes, educational seminars and requested quarterly database updates supplied by the District Educator


 Webmaster - Will & Rosemary Anderson

  •  Responsible for designing, developing, marketing and maintaining the website.

    Change and manipulate comments on the website.

    Will maintain and expand the Chapter's Website.

 Contact Phone: 858.539.6995 - Contact Email: sunnytrike@verizon.net




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